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For Ethics

MO believes that strengthening partnership relationships with suppliers consists of maximizing trust, respect, and the creation of mutual value, recognizing them as key partners in the development of their activities.

MO publicly makes the commitment to develop its activity with suppliers based on a set of principles of Ethics, Transparency, Respect, Professionalism, Safe and Healthy working conditions and Cooperation, striving to improve the processes and services associated with the products supplied.

For this MO applies Sonae Fashion Code of Conduct modelled with the standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other standards issued by organizations such as the International Labour Organization, International Social Responsibility and Ethical Trading Initiative.

Supply Chain

Sustainability is increasingly more part of how we think and how we develop our activity throughout the value chain. We create shared value and promote development actions for our staff in and out of Portugal.

We want to contribute towards fairer and more inclusive communities for our suppliers, and ensure that our activity has minimal social and environmental impact. Our suppliers are invited to collaborate in assessing and improving our products' footprint, including their distribution. Audits, assessments, manuals, and suppliers' code of ethics help us move forward and commit to better working conditions, improving product tracking, and ensuring a more transparent and ethical production process for our clients.

For our Planet | MO For our Planet | MO


Forced Labour

Sonae suppliers may not use any type of slave or forced labour, nor be related to any activities that involve the trafficking of human beings, namely the transports, recruitment, transfer or receipt of persons through threats or fraud.

Sonae will not tolerate the demand of any financial guarantees from workers. It will not condone that their original identification documents are confiscated or accept any retention from their salaries, benefits or any other form of cohesion to force or oblige them to provide labour.

Suppliers shall ensure that contracts for workers clearly convey the working conditions and are drafted in a language understood by the worker.

Freedom Of Association

Suppliers must respect right of workers to choose whether to lawfully, peacefully and voluntarily form and join free trade unions and workers’ associations of their choosing and to bargain collectively.

Sonae does not accept disciplinary or discriminatory actions from the employer against employees who choose to peacefully and lawfully organize or join an association.

Working Hours, Compensation And Benefits

Sonae suppliers shall pay their workers as provided in the respective labour laws of each country and must agree to comply with the maximum limit of working hours per week defined by legislation in effect.

They shall also guarantee that their workers enjoy days off, holidays and legally instituted bank holidays.

Workers shall receive, at least, the minimum wage in effect in their country and benefit from all the Social Benefits provided by law.