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For our Clothes

One of the ways to be more sustainable is making sure your clothes can be worn over and over again. Caring for your clothes is also caring for the environment and the planet. Follow our tips on how to care for your clothes so that your favourite items will last longer and can even be handed them down.

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Dedicate more time to your swimwear
Swimwear needs special attention so it stays impeccable from one year to the next.
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How to care for your Knitted Garments
We recommend washing them only when absolutely needed. After use, leave the garment to air for a few hours to eliminate any odours.
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New Jeans Forever
Wash your jeans as few times as possible to ensure that they keep their colour. Even top-quality jeans start fading over time.
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Tips for Spotless White Clothes
Wash only as needed. Simply remove any stains or spots. Avoid washing the whole garment: you'll save energy, water, and it will stay impeccable for way longer.
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Care for Cotton Clothes
Think before washing. When washing, think of the environment and choose low temperatures - cold water saves energy.
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Clean Shoes at All Times
Avoid washing footwear in the washing machine to ensure that it remains in top condition and lasts longer.
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We love well-cared-for linen
Linen garments are resistant, airy, cool and durable. Learn how to care for them!
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Caring for your underwear
Give your underwear special attention to ensure it lasts longer.
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Useful tips to care for baby clothes
Washing separately, suitable detergents, delicate wash, and other important tips.
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Learn how to look after your sportswear
Sportswear needs special attention to ensure that it is impeccable at all times.