Franchise / Wholesale


Franchising opportunities with MO are now available worldwide. MO gives its franchising partners exclusivity in the running of MO stores in a specific market, allowing them to explore the brand‘s full potential in each country.

MO franchising system offers support in all aspects relating to product, marketing and franchise management, ensuring:

  • New product arrivals to the stores every month.
  • Supplying according to the market’s needs and your own feedback, to avoid unnecessary inventory costs.
  • Store layout design to maximize sales performance and fully express the power of MO brand.
  • Training of your sales and management team.
  • Periodic visits by product and merchandise professionals to leverage continuous improvements.
  • Day to day support in the running of your stores, from communication to pricing and promotional policies.

In certain countries, MO is also available in multi-brand fashion stores. Please also inquire about wholesale partnership opportunities for your country.