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Payment Methods

How can you pay for your shopping?

You can use any of the following payment methods::

Payment method Paypal temporarily unavailable.

Is it safe to use my credit card on the MO website?

Yes, it is safe to shop online with MO. We use verified security protocols, which encrypt the data received via SSL. Only Secure Encrypted Transactions (SET) are accepted. Once your card has been verified, the SET system contacts the financial institution that issued the card so that the buyer can authorise the purchase. The amount will only be debited to the card once the bank has confirmed that the card and user are authentic; if not, the request is cancelled.

Can my credit card be refused? If so, under what circumstances?

Yes, your credit card can be refused in one of the following situations:

- Card expired: check your card’s expiry date. If it has expired, you need to renew it.

- Limit exceeded: if you have reached the limit on your card for your purchases.

- Incorrect or incomplete data: check that you have completed each required field correctly.

If any of these situations has occurred, contact your bank.

Can the invoice be sent in an individual’s name?

Yes, simply register and fill in all the billing data before placing your order.