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For All


For All

Sustainability is part of our culture, the way we create shared value for our people and communities.

We have taken on the commitment to promote diversity, and equality regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, qualifications.

For A Sustainable Fashion
For A Sustainable Fashion

Our Staff

We have been developing programmes and tools for improved productivity and a better work-life balance, including more days off, flexible timetables, unpaid leave, shorter work hours, and freedom to work from home (Flex it programme). With the Gender Equality plan, we aim to ensure everyone is appreciated and acknowledged on an equal level, and participates in all areas of public and private life.

The values of equality and inclusion also reflect on equal opportunities for everyone with regard to training and development, aiming at developing a continued learning culture and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of young talent as part of the Contact programme by giving them strategic sustainability challenges that will be used by our company.

Social Responsibility

MO focuses on families and their lives, and aims to be at their side at all times.

Our projects:
MOvimento rosa - Há causas que nos vestem bem
For All

This is why, for the third year in a row, MO has joined IPO in supporting this cause that helps so many people and their families.
This year, together with the designer Violeta Cor de Rosa for the first time, MO has created a line of T-shirts for the whole family – adults and children – to support all those fighting breast cancer. And what’s more, these T-shirts are sustainable: they have been made in Portugal in compliance with sustainable practices.
Join us and, as a family, let’s wear the empathy T-shirt and support all those fighting every day to change their own story.

For All

As part of the brand's social and corporate responsibility policy, in 2019 MO launched the project ‘MOvimento Rosa – Há causas que nos vestem bem’ to support the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in preventing breast cancer. This illness affects approximately 6,000 women and their families every year in Portugal, and this action provides information on the cause and on prevention of a disease, the treatment of which has a higher chance of success if diagnosed early.

Juntos pelo SNS
For All

On the 1st June 2020, MO launched the initiative “Juntos pelo SNS – Junte-se a nós, vamos ajudar o nosso Serviço Nacional de Saúde” to pay tribute to each and every health professional helping in the fight against this pandemic. The initiative raised over 19,000€ to buy individual protection equipment and medical devices.

Student Keep
For All

In 2020, the Back to School campaign raised over 35,000€ for Student Keep - a project that buys computers and donates them to students in need. This way, we are helping to mitigate the problem of unequal access to Education.