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For A Sustainable Fashion


For Sustainable Fashion

We are inspired to be the best. We are motivated to make the world a simple, more balanced and more sustainable place for future generations. Acting responsibly is in our hands for the well-being of life on the planet. It is also in our hands to build and consolidate the path towards more sustainable fashion. We believe we are better when working towards a global aim. That is why we are dedicating ourselves entirely to reducing the environmental and social impact of our products, and in a responsible manner.

Let's build a more sustainable future together. Join us on this journey!

We strive to be part of the change.

The change is there, between the Past and the Present!

Our pledge

Our story starts with the wish to guarantee that everyone can access practical, modern, and affordable fashion.

Our mission is to make families' lives easier, and that means more sustainable, too. With this in mind, we are committed to implementing actions throughout all of MO's value chain that contribute towards the well-being of the planet and its people.

Goals for a more sustainable future

We have our eyes set on the future and want the MO collections to be based on the following sustainability targets:


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For A Sustainable Fashion

The MOre Label for sustainable fashion

The MOre label for sustainable fashion is not only made from recycled paper, it also identifies MO garments that respect the environment. This ensures that our more sustainable items are easy to find.

Our Aims

We want to be part of the solution:

  • Raise awareness and be aware;
  • Reduce our impact;
  • Take on initiatives based on sustainable development principles;
  • Make our community a better place;
  • Work towards solving environmental and social challenges.
For A Sustainable Fashion

5 Sustainability Priorities

We are in line with Group Sonae's 5 sustainability priorities: