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What is MO

MO emerged from a need to satisfy increasingly more demanding and informed Clients seeking stylish clothing at affordable prices. The MO brand is part of the Sonae group - which has been in retail for over 25 years - with MO being one of the top 3 clothing brands in Portugal and part of the Continente Card scheme.

Since it first opened in 1995, MO’s value proposition has evolved, improving Clients’ shopping experience. When the brand Modalfa became MO, it also became more practical, closer to its Clients, fun, authentic and inquisitive, inspired by modern women and their families.

MO's signature – “it's easy to decide what to wear makes” – summarises the brand’s focus on providing its clients with a value proposition that simplifies their daily choices when clothing the whole family.

Every week, MO’s 120 stores and its online shop have new items on offer, including clothing, footwear, accessories and home décor items for the whole family. Clients can find them in the women, men, teen, baby and kids categories – they’re stylish, affordable, trendy and modern. The brand’s value proposal also features a wide range of essential products at a very affordable price.

MO launched its online store in 2015, making it possible for clients to shop for clothes, footwear, accessories and home décor items in a simple, convenient and accessible manner. The online store also has a wide range of multi-brand childcare products for babies and toddlers, including car seats, pushchairs, décor, furniture, textile, toys, and so on.

On an international level, MO is also present in Spain, Cambodia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Angola and Mozambique.

Partnership ID:

Modalfa Comércio e Serviços S.A., with head office in Lugar do Espido Via Norte Maia, Share Capital of € 1,250,000.00, with Tax Identification and legal person No. 502 501 510 is registered at the Commercial Registry Office in Maia.

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